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Strengthening TMMC's Mission

Challenge: The Marine Mammal Center, one of the world's premiere environmental organizations,

had grown beyond its original activities and sought help in communicating its expanded mission to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education.  

Solution: Partnering with the Executive Director and BOD we repositioned TMMC to more accurately convey its expanded mission as a steward of the Earth's marine environment.  This work culminated in a new "water drop" logo & identity system that was executed across all marketing touch-points; from its headquarters building and web site, to merchandising, collateral, advertising and other fund-raising materials.

New Growth: Today TMMC conducts valuable scientific research and leads a variety of educational programs while continuing its important work of rescuing & rehabilitating thousands of marine mammals annually.


"John worked with our leadership team to bring TMMC to a place of more clear articulation of our mission and purpose.  This was an inflection point in the sophistication of our communications and poised us for significant growth."   

             Jeff Boehm, Executive Director

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