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Evolving Your Value Proposition

My first interaction with The Marine Mammal Center (TMMC) was as a volunteer. My wife and I were troop leaders for the Marin Cub Scouts and we wrangled a pack of young boys out to the Marin headlands about once a month to make a count of seals on the beach. Then we dutifully sent along this information to the good folks at TMMC to augment their field research. While it wasn’t much, this first experience drew me to the Center and its mission to rehab injured sea mammals.

Some years later I had the opportunity to re-engage TMMC, professionally. I learned that during the intervening years TMMC had outgrown its original purpose and had expanded its mission to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rehabilitation, along with scientific research and education. In short TMMC had strengthened its value proposition but this expanded purpose had not been reflected in its mission statement nor its marketing activities. This of course limited the brand’s ability to grow and expand.

Working closely with their Exec. Director and BOD we repositioned the brand to more accurately convey its expanded mission as a steward of the Earth’s marine environment. This foundational strategic work was the impetus for the new “water-drop” logo and identity system that unified and enhanced the Center’s many marketing touch-points; from its new headquarters building and web site, to merchandising, collateral, advertising and other fund-raising activities.

Here’s what Jeff Boehm, Executive Director for TMMC, had to say …

“John worked with the leadership of our organization and talent from firms representing public relations and web design along with the skills of his team to bring The Marine Mammal Center to a place of more clear articulation of our mission and purpose and impactful presentation. This set the stage for an inflection point in the sophistication of our communications, and poised us for significant growth.”

The important take-away here is don’t sell your brand short. Your company provides many valuable services that are likely to change and expand over time. So it’s important that your brand and marketing activities reflect this evolution. Your current and new customers will appreciate hearing about your expanded services and your company will benefit as well ... learn more at

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